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Dream Skin GmbH: General Terms and Conditions: | Stood in 2014

The buyer of a Dream Skin device or a third party hair removal device accepts the following sales and delivery terms.

Verbal agreements and assignments as well as orders require a written contract with Dream Skin and are therefore binding.

Eventual offers are non-binding.

Payment deadlines for binding orders must be kept because a delayed payment receipt results in a late delivery of the goods. If payments cannot be made in a timely manner for any reasons, we should be informed about it in writing, via letter or fax.

1. Treatment appointments

After a binding agreement of the treatment appointments with the customer, Institute Dream Skin is compelled to provide all treatment devices in perfect technical condition and competent personnel on the day of the agreed upon appointment. A postponement or cancellation of the agreed upon treatment appointment by the customer must happen 3 hours before the appointment and is free. Any later cancellations or postponements of the appointment will be fined with 30.00 Euros per planned treatment hour. This fee must be paid before the following treatment appointment.

2. Delivery

2.1. Delivery Deadline: The delivery deadline will be noted in the binding order – it usually takes 14 days. Since the device gets delivered personally by us, usually in connection with an instructional lesson for you, it can take an extra 7-10 days for delivery. We reserve the right to another 14 days in case of other outside influences. A written notice shall be made in such cases and with problems on the customer’s side. Compensation claims due to delay or unfulfilled contract terms are excluded.

In case of negative outside influences, Dream Skin can

2.2. withdraw from the contract if the goods cannot be delivered

2.3. delay the delivery during the time of any outside influences. The buyer cannot make any compensation claims during this time. Negative outside influences are circumstances that are not represented by Dream Skin that complicate the delivery or make it impossible. These can be, but are not limited to, traffic disturbances, lack of energy and resources, strikes, governmental interventions and others.

3. Transportation

The delivery of the device starts at the warehouse in Berlin and Dream Skin pays the costs.

3.1.In case of a warranty case, Dream Skin will hire a shipping company that will pick up the device and return it after repair. The customer has no costs in this case unless it is not a warranty case because, for example, the device has been opened, there is verifiable inappropriate usage of the device due to a fall or other physical impacts like water, high voltage damage due to a lightning strike etc. If that is the case, the shipping and repair costs will be billed to the customer. We use stable transportation boxes for delivery to guarantee secure shipping. Those need to be stored because they will be reused in case of a warranty. The customer will be notified about the pick up date and the device must have been packed into the box by that time so that the shipping company can take it.

4. Prices

4.1. A 19% tax rate must be added to the prices.

4.2. The prices that were charged on the binding order are valid. Special agreements will also be registered in writing.

4.3. Outside of Germany but inside the EU, there will be further fees, customs, more on request.

5. Guarantee and Warranty

The device will be delivered by us and you will possibly receive the instructions on the delivery day so that flaws and missing parts can be ruled out. If something is missing, we ask you to report the missing parts within 7 days.

Fundamentally, we allow a 2 year warranty period for tradespersons. Special agreements will be registered in the binding order.

We allow a warranty for electrical/electronic parts inside the device as well as the display (malfunctions) and the electronic cooling unit in the hand piece.

Wearing parts such as cushions, foils, movable parts, tubes, clasps, mechanical connections etc. are excluded from the warranty. The warranty is also barred if we have not been notified in time and asked to repair the damage. Natural usage and inappropriate treatments of the delivered goods as well as deliberate or grossly negligent causing of damage are also excluded from the warranty. Some devices require a maintenance for your own interest. A complaint about damages during installation and assembly procedures retroactively by the customer are excluded as long as the damages could have been found at delivery time. Furthermore, there are security seals on the devices. If those are broken, the warranty runs out with immediate effect.

6. Reservation of Ownership

Until all payments have been received, we reserve the right to ownership of the ordered products. The reservation of ownership expires by receipt of full payment. If the payment deadline is not kept, we are at any given time entitled to decommission the delivered goods that were delivered to the customer or buyer until full payment has been received or a judicial order been placed.

7. Acceleration Clause

Should you be in default with 2 payment installments, the objective settlement is invalid and the remaining amount must be paid in full immediately.

8. Place of Fulfillment and Jurisdiction

The place of fulfillment for deliveries is Berlin. The place of jurisdiction is also Berlin.
As of December 20, 2010.

9. Warranty

The warranty for flaws of the goods amounts to 24 months at time of first purchase according to the law. The warranty period for used goods is 12 months. The warranty begins at delivery of the goods to the buyer. The regular statute of limitations of 3 years stays in place, starting with the end of the year in which.

9.1. the claim originated and

9.2. the obligee became aware of the circumstances of the claim by the obligor or would have to become aware without wanton negligence, if it is about the liability for damages done to harm life, the body or health that is based on a negligent or non-negligent violation of duty or a negligent or non-negligent violation of duty of one of our agents.

9.3. if it is about the liability for other damages that are based on a grossly negligent violation of duty by us or by one of our agents or

9.4. if it is about the liability for maliciously concealed flaws. The warranty does not cover normal signs of use or normal deterioration.

10. Guarantee

10.1. If the seller grants a guarantee, the lawful warranty rights of the buyer are not limited thereby.

10.2. If the seller grants a guarantee, the guarantee terms, meaning the content and the important details that are required for the enforcement of the guarantee, especially the duration and the areal scope of application of the guarantee as well as name and address of the seller, will be specified in the offer.

10.3. The guarantee starts with delivery of the device and covers the free maintenance of your IPL device and the free replacement of parts that Dream Skin GmbH recognizes as deficient as well as the necessary work wages. The guarantee covers electronic parts inside the device as well as the display (malfunction) and the electrical cooling unit in the hand piece. There is no guarantee on broken glass (incl. crystal glass and filter in the hand piece as well as display cracks) because that is not a production flaw but a sign of inappropriate handling. Natural abrasion and wearing parts like the Xenon flash light lamp, cushions, foils, movable parts, tubes, clasps, mechanical connections etc. are excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee is valid for every customer regardless of their residency.

The duration of the guarantee does not get extended by works executed within the contractual guarantee. If a part gets replaced within the guarantee period, the guarantee period of such part does not get extended. The contractual guarantee of the replaced parts ends with expiration of the guarantee of the IPL device.

Only the type number as well as the serial number is needed for the enforcement of the guarantee. All data about your device as well as the current guarantee status are stored with the Dream Skin GmbH.

Warrantor: Dream Skin GmbH – Müllerstraße 83a in 13349 Berlin

Note: You will lose entitlement to the contractual guarantee if:

a. changes or building alterations took place on your device that do not belong to Dream Skin GmbH.

b. the security seals on your device have been torn.

c. the type label on your device has been removed

d. an inappropriate handling or a non-intended use of the goods is visible

e. the damage can be attributed to deliberate or grossly negligent cause of damage of the user or you cannot prove the adherence of the regulations in the user manual.

f. the impulse counter has been manipulated or altered or the actual impulse status cannot be determined.

11. Bond accord

11.1. At the time of contract closing, the buyer is obliged to supply a contract performance bond of a third party in the form of a direct-enforceable suretyship within 4 weeks after contract closing in the amount of the total sum listed in the purchase agreement.

11.2. If the inquiry at the credit bureau shows that the surety has a negative entry, the buyer is then obliged to supply another contract performance bond within 4 weeks after contract closing. This surety may not have a negative entry at the credit bureau. In the case of not supplying another surety, the Dream Skin GmbH reserves the right to suspend the purchase agreement.

Stood in 2014

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